Breaking Down the Requirements for Green Card Eligibility

Are you trying to understand the requirements for green card eligibility? A green card allows people who are not citizens of the US to live and work in the US. The truth is green card eligibility can come in a variety of ways. Some ways of obtaining a green card may take longer than others. In some cases, obtaining a green card can be a complex and tedious process. To ease your anxiety as you strive for green card eligibility, it is important to remember the amount of time it takes is rarely precise when going through this kind of process. The time required depends greatly on the type of green card for which you apply. In some instances, it can take less than a year. While in other situations, it can take up to several years. To provide some clarity on the subject, here are four broad categories for green cards to help you know what to expect: 1. Employment Those who desire green cards through employment have the opportunity to apply for a green card through this venue via a list of


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