What Are the Steps to Get a Family Based Green Card for Parents?

Family based green cards for parents are also known as “lawful permanent residence” cards.  Parents are regarded as “immediate relatives” under immigration law. This means there is no restriction on the amount of green cards permitted to be given out in this division annually. This brings the perk of not having to deal with a slow moving waiting list to the application process. You must prove you have adequate income to sponsor your parents while also providing for yourself and your family.  This is to ensure your parents will not become probable to require income-based assistance from the United States government. To begin the process of obtaining green cards for your parents you’ll need to follow a few important steps: You will need to obtain and complete a form called “Petition for Alien Relative” or Form I-130. You can obtain this form from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services or USCIS. This form is basically designed to prove you are a US citize


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