3 Ways to Take the Stigma Out of Green Card Marriages

Green card marriages are not always what people dream about when they ponder a romantic life event. However,  the truth is, there are people from all over the globe who fall in love. It’s just that sometimes they aren’t always from the same country. And in some cases, one of the “fallers” is from the United States and they want to live in the United States to be with them, and this is where a green card marriage makes this relationship possible. Basically, a green card marriage is for people who desire to spend their lives with each other as husband and wife in the United States. Green card marriages happen quite often. That being said, it is also true that green card marriages may have a stigma attached to them. A green card marriage may be just as real as any other United States citizen’s marriage. The only difference being a piece of paper that allows a man or women to become a spouse to a United States citizen. We often see TV shows and movies portraying numerous stereo


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